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Dr. Ritu Baath

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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon
Doctorate of National Board in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (Manipal),
IAAPS Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery & Clinical Aesthetics (Chennai).



Dr. Ritu Baath is Board certified Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon trained by many prominent plastic surgeons of the country

The doctor has pursued extensive training in all subspecialities of Plastic Surgery including general plastic, cosmetic surgery, trauma and maxillofacial, micro and supermicro, onco-reconstruction & hand surgery at the reputed Manipal hospital Bangalore under the mentorship of Dr. Anantheswar YN, Dr Ashok BC & Dr. Srikanth V.

Also Completed Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons endorsed fellowship in Cosmetic surgery & Clinical Aesthetics at Chennai Plastic Surgery supervised by Dr Karthik Ram

Pursued Advanced training in Hairloss & Hair transplant under the guidance of Dr Ashutosh Shah, Surat and completed hair transplant workshop conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons at Turkey.

Trained in Microsurgery at Ganga hospital, Coimbatore

Attended many national & international advanced courses, workshops & conferences in skincare & plastic surgery

Many national and international publications in reputed plastic surgery journals.

Special interest in body contouring, mommy makeover and facial aesthetics.

Lifetime member of-

  • Association of Plastic Surgeons of India
  • Indian association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • International society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • Indian society of Surgery of Hand
  • Association of Breast surgeons of India
  • Indian medical association

A Comprehensive Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is often referred to as Cosmetic Surgery. Nowadays, this surgery is popular, because many individuals change and improve their physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery is a type of medical practice that allows individuals to improve their looks through surgeries. It includes procedures like nose jobs, breast enhancements and facelifts. Unlike surgeries that fix health issues, cosmetic surgery is a choice people make to improve their appearance and confidence. It’s like a personal makeover to help individuals feel more comfortable and happy with how they look.

Popular procedure
You can explore the procedure which you want to change in your looks. Explore the options of Cosmetic Surgery in India, from simple treatments like Botox to more involved surgeries like tummy tucks. Figure out about each procedure. It helps you take the right surgical procedure.

Picking the Right Surgeon
Before undergoing surgery, consulting with the Best Plastic Surgeon in India is crucial, to clear all your doubts regarding the surgery. Get tips on how to find the right one, including checking credentials and reading reviews from other patients.

This straightforward guide will help you easily understand the basics of cosmetic surgery. When you pick the right surgeon for your Cosmetic Surgery in India, you can get excellent results. It helps you make decisions about enhancing your appearance.

Before surgery

Surgeons first check your medical history and other tests to determine which surgery you want so that they understand your goals and provide reliable surgeries. You can get better results.

Know the Risks

You can discuss with surgeons about your goals and surgery procedure, experts help to provide proper guidance about procedures and possible side effects. Managing expectations and knowing what you are getting into is key.

Recovery well

After surgery, it takes time to recover. It is essential to follow up on appointments and instructions. It helps to quickly recover and get better outcomes.