Facial Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana

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Facial Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana

Facelift surgery is referred to as Rhytidectomy. It is a cosmetic process created to change the signs of ageing and transform the face into a more youthful look. Facelift Surgery in Ludhiana aims to reduce the sagging skin and wrinkles. It offers a more young and refreshed look. Along with the face, the neck is also treated, and saggy and excess fat is removed to provide excellent results for an overall enhancing look. Contact the best surgeon for low-cost facial plastic surgery in Ludhiana and get your desired youthful look.

Purpose and Reasons People Opt For Facial Surgery

The best surgeon for low-cost facial plastic surgery in Punjab performs the surgery carefully to ensure the desired results. The surgical procedure contains various steps; these are:

  • Consultation and Examination: Before recommending the surgery, the surgeon will provide consultation and examine your skin. Determining the suitable method and getting an idea of the results is essential. You should ensure you stay fit avo, avoid alcohol consumption, and stop smoking to get better results from the surgery.
  • Anaesthesia: To perform facelift surgery, the surgeon usually uses general anaesthesia combined with local anaesthesia. The use of anaesthesia and its dose also depends on different factors such as the patient’s age, medical history, duration and complexity of the surgery.
  • Incision: Once you are properly sedated, the surgeon will plan the pattern of the incision. It is usually placed in a less visible area to make the scarring less noticeable. Incisions are usually made along the hairline, ears, and lower scalp.
  • Skin Tightening and Tissue Repositioning: After making incisions, the surgeon removes the excess skin and carefully repositions facial tissues, muscles and fat under the skin. 
  • Incision Closure: After the tissues are repositioned and the skin is tightened, the surgeon will close the incisions with stitches or sutures. 
  • Post-operative Care: The doctors instruct the patients for post-operative care to manage swelling, discomfort and bruising. In some cases, the patients can be kept for close monitoring.

Recovery and Results 

Recovery times depend on the type of surgery procedure. However, some patients suffer from complications such as bruising and swelling after the surgery. Once you have recovered and healed fully, you can notice the results and changes on your face. The results provide you with a younger and more refreshed look. 


This surgery is not a permanent solution but is effective and long-lasting. It often provides youthful appearance that lasts up to 5 to 10 years. However, you should note that the skin will start dropping again with age. As ageing is inevitable, the results cannot last permanently. However, facelift surgery provides great results and lasts a very long time.


Facelift surgery is a method to feel and look younger. If you, too, want to undergo facial surgery, contact the best surgeon for low-cost facial plastic surgery in India, who can guide you on what to expect and if it’s the right move for you. Ask your surgeon if you have any concerns and doubts regarding the surgery; they will address and clear your doubts and explain your surgical procedure. They also guide you about realistic expectations of the results. So, consult the best surgeon for low-cost facial plastic surgery.