Diabetic Foot Treatment In Ludhiana

Diabetic Foot Treatment In Ludhiana

Diabetic Foot Treatment Doctor In Punjab

Diabetes is a common problem that many people suffer from. When it is not taken care of properly, it can cause serious problems and give rise to a number of diseases. It can harm the eyes, feet, heart, brain and more. One such common problem is diabetic foot, which is caused when the level of sugar increases in the blood for a prolonged period of time. 

There are two serious problems that are caused in people with diabetic feet: Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease. However, you can get effective diabetic foot treatment in Ludhiana from RB Luxe. We have effective and reliable treatments for diabetic foot and can help you manage and treat this condition. 

Peripheral Vascular Disease

It is a chronic disorder that causes the narrowing of arteries. Fat deposits and calcium build up inside the arteries, causing blockage, which can further lead to pain in the legs when walking, as well as fatigue. It can also interfere with or block the blood and oxygen supply to arms, kidneys, intestines, and stomach. 

It can be treated with exercise, consuming a healthy diet and quitting drug use, smoking and tobacco. In some serious cases, surgery is recommended. If you suffer from this problem, you can contact the best diabetic foot treatment doctor in Punjab and get it treated.

Diabetic Neuropathy

It is a type of nerve damage that happens when in people with high blood sugar levels for a prolonged period of time. Due to increased blood sugar levels, the nerves providing nutrients to the legs and feet get damaged. As a result, it blocks nutrients from reaching your legs and causes numbness. It can lead to the development of blisters and ulcers and needs treatment. Failing to get treatment can result in gangrene development and sometimes can even be fatal. 

Symptoms of Diabetic Foot

  • Numbness in feet and toes
  • Swelling in feet or legs
  • Change in the colour of the skin
  • Sores that are not healing
  • Cracks between your toes
  • Blisters on your feet
  • Loss of feeling in leg or feet
  • Tingling sensations in feet or legs

If you face any of these symptoms, contact the best diabetic foot treatment doctor in Punjab and get timely treatment for your condition.

Diabetic Foot Treatment

Qualified and expert doctors suggest treatment for diabetic feet depending on the severity of the condition. Diabetic food can be treated through both surgical and non-surgical treatments, but deciding which one will suit you the best depends on your specific condition and stage of diabetic foot. 

The doctor needs to examine your case and check the level of the problem. Accordingly, treatment will be suggested. At RB Luxe, we offer a range of treatments for diabetic foot, from surgery to non-surgical treatments. We aim to provide treatment to everyone. Therefore, we provide diabetic foot treatment cost in Ludhiana at a very affordable cost.

Why Choose RB Luxe For Diabetic Foot Treatment In Ludhiana?

RB Luxe has board-certified surgeons who are backed with both extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. We offer state-of-the-art facilities to render comfort and supreme care to our patients. Further, to enhance your care, we have friendly and experienced staff, and they can cater to all your needs. 

You can entrust us with your problems and get effective and reliable Diabetic foot treatment costs in Ludhiana at reasonable prices. So, do not let your problems affect you; get the most effective and result-oriented treatment from RB Luxe and live your life to the fullest.