Causes Of Hair Loss That Makes You Undergo Various Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair Loss - Causes & Treatment Options

The people who are suffering from hair loss conditions want to have full knowledge about the causes of the hair loss and which methods of hair transplant in Ludhiana would fit them best. Some people initially start worrying about the hair transplant cost but they should not worry about it. The hair transplant cost is quintessentially low in Punjab as compared to the other states.

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a condition that makes the individual go bald. The intensity of baldness may vary depending upon the various health conditions of the people. Some may suffer from patches of baldness while others may suffer from the extreme intensity of the hair loss which makes you approach the baldness with each consecutive day.

Which Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

The following are the causes of hair loss:

Hormonal Imbalances

The abnormality is encountered in the functioning of the various organs of the body when the hormones do not behave in the same way as they were working before.


Pregnancy leads to so many changes in the body. Starting from the stretch marks to the hair loss, everything is suffered by the woman who has just delivered a baby.


About 65% of the hair loss cases experienced by the various clinics blame sex for the cause of their baldness.

Poor Dietary Habits

If the individual is not eating a healthy diet which should be full of flesh and healthy fruits and vegetables, then be ready the air loss is on the cards.

Too Much Styling And Colouring Of The Hair

If you like to be in the airy trends and for that, you go for the regular styling and dyeing of the hair, then stop doing it right from today. As with these treatments, your hair gets weak and they commence to become reduced in volume.

Hair Transplant Methods

After you are diagnosed with the ultimate stage of hair loss, then the doctor may prescribe you to undergo hair transplants. Depending upon your condition, the doctor will perform the hair transplants after choosing one from the following approaches.


It stands for follicular unit transplantation. The first step requires the cosmetic surgeon to extort the strips from the scalp which will then be transplanted into the bald region. This procedure went on to experience the modifications which lead to the emergence of the following.


FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction which is the procedure that requires the transplantation of the extracted hair grafts from the scalp.


This procedure does not include the extraction of the hair follicles, rather takes the extraction of the blood from which the regenerative cells will be separated which will then be injected into the bald region to trigger the natural hair growth.


BHT stands for body hair transplants. Usually, the side of the scalp is used as the donor region. But if those do not have the required number of hair grafts, then the other regions of the body which are having the hair with the characteristics will be taken into account.

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