How can the proper and appropriate ph balance of the hair be maintained?

We all remember how confused we used to get when it was time to learn the ph balance topic in our schools. Are you also the one who doesn’t know the relation of the pH balance with the hair? The ph balance is accountable for determining the strength and health of your hair. In case, your scalp is not having the ideal ph balance, then it is high time you should consult a cosmetic surgeon. The specialist will let you know whether your problem could be resolved with the medications or the therapies or you need to undergo the hair transplant in Ludhiana

What exactly is the ph?

To determine the ph value, a scale is used in which the numbering is done from 1 to 14. Until 6, it represents the pacific side and beyond 8, the alkaline side is getting stretched. 7 is known as the neutral number. 

Do you know? 

The ph value of your hair can vary from 4.5 to 5.5. 

How does this balance fluctuate? 

As we have studied in the above-mentioned pieces of information, the hair should have an acidic value. But when we do something unnatural to our hair like dyeing or any other aesthetic hair treatment, then the pg scale shifts from the acidic nature to the alkaline nature. and when this happens, the strength and the volume of the hair gets affected. 

Do you know? 

The chemical-based shampoos which we use also contain such gents which disturbs the pH balance of the hair

So it is suggested that you should consult the dermatologist once and ask him about which shampoo or oil you should be using throughout a particular phase of life. 

According to researchers

If we talk about the research then 35% of the hair loss problems are coming into the origin, because the people are using the wrong shampoos. 

Hair and Ideal ph level 

Not only the ideal ph level balance is needed. Rather the proteins when combined with the moisture determines the following features of the hair: 

  • Hair volume 
  • Hair strength
  • The appropriate length 
  • The right shape 
  • The exact colour

Whom should you consult about gaining the right information about maintaining the ph balance of the hair? 

You should be visiting Infinity Hair and Skin Solutions for gaining the appropriate and relevant information about the ph balance. The expert doctors will guide you right about this matter. Usually, they suggest the following way to maintain the ph balance of the hair. 

  • Ph balanced shampoo

It is required that the individuals maintain the pH balance of their hair by using the shampoo that is particularly designed to balance such levels. 

  • Cleanse your hair 

You can clean your hair by using baking soda which should be followed by apple cider vinegar or any other acidic source. By doing this the pH balance of the hair gets properly maintained. 

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